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Kave Studio

Brendan Watson’s new salon Kave represents everything this talented hairdresser is about. It’s sophisticated, unique – and the attention to detail is second to none - Amelia Broun - 7news

Kave Studio is a new Boutique Salon in the Heart of one of Perth’s most up coming and trend setting areas. Come and be completely pampered by our team of experts. At Kave we are different in our offering of an exclusive service that you will leave knowing your hair and image was treated with pure passion.

Brendan Watson’s new salon Kave represents everything this talented hairdresser is about. It’s sophisticated, unique – and the attention to detail is second to none.

From the moment you walk in, it’s easy to see how much pride Brendan has taken in getting the salon absolutely perfect. Its modern look is extremely welcoming and the rustic theme just works.  The funky mirrors are one of my favorite features, along with a large flat screen showing Victoria’s Secret parades. For a relatively small space, the salon still feels very open and relaxed. The little waiting space is a nice touch.

Brendan Watson is a highly experienced hairdresser who has achieved something amazing for someone so young and if this salon is anything to go by, I’m sure he’ll be enjoying endless amounts of success for years to come.

Amelia Broun – 7news

Brendan Watson

Brendan has always a passion for Hairdressing starting at a young age, inspired by his Mother, who herself was a Hair Salon owner. Even knowing the hardship that came with the job she encouraged Brendan to pursue his passion and with that Brendan set himself the goal to be the very best he could and make a name for himself in this creative/high fashion industry, and succeeded he has.

Commencing his Hair Dressing apprenticeship in 2006 with Skatt Aveda Concept Claremont, Brendan developed his skills and talent. Within three months after completing his apprenticeship and winning 2008 Taylor Weir Apprentice Of The Year, Brendan was offered the position of Salon Manager at Skatt which allowed Brendan to develop the business skills required in the Hair Dressing industry. Skatt also opened up exposure to photo-shoots, runway shows allowing Brendan to gain invaluable skills and knowledge which would ultimately lead to the next path on his career journey.

After working with Skatt for 5 years Brendan was presented with the opportunity to venture out on his own and worked for himself at the Salon Sorossi Studio. After year n half it was time for Brendan to move into his own Salon.

After months of planning and designing Kave Studio evolved! A lot of hardwork and love went into building Kave Studio and now Brendan has a Salon he can call his own where his clientele can come feel comfortable and receive the professional and experienced service that Brendan Watson is known for.

2008' taylor weir

apprentice of the year ``AWARD WINNER``

Our Team

Kate Lakos

At 8 years of age was when Kate Pearse decided that hairdressing will be her passion and much loved career. After being accepted to become an apprentice for the well known salon Skatt Aveda Concept Salon in Claremont, her dreams became a reality. Staying with Skatt for 5 years Kate was eager for more, with this she packed her bags and moved to London, England. Here Kate Spent 2 years working in exclusive boutique salons alongside international stylists, absorbing everything she could.

Not ready to return home just yet she made her way to Sydney for another 4 years. Working once again in Aveda Day Spas, and Participating in Sydney Hair Expo shows and assisting at Sydney Fashion Festival.

Kate is now back home in Perth and working side by side with Brendan at Kave Studio to deliver you the most amazing hair colours, techniques and trends.

Elysia Keane

Hairdressing was a career that I wanted to pursue directly after school, however, circumstances led me to initially follow a different path. I Attended Taylor Weir School of Hairdressing and became Runner-up Apprentice of the year at the start of 2016.

I have always had a hidden passion for the love of hair! It makes me very motivated to see the transformation, making people feel beautiful from the moment they walk out the door. I like to keep up to date with the latest hair colours, techniques and trends.

Glen Brophy

Glen has recently moved to Perth, from working both in London and Edinburgh. With 15 years experience working in the hair industry, he keeps up to date with the trends both in Australia and the UK.

He has a passion for both cutting and colour and has made it through to finalists for Wella’s Generation now 2017. He loves to meet new people and have a chat especially about what’s happening around town and about hair and travel.

Come down and see him at Kave